Welcome to my dominion slaves. I am Mistress Suzy Noir originally from Lithuania now residing in London taking sessions to those fortunate enough to serve Me. If you’re not familiar with Lithuanian women let me educate you a bit. First of all us ladies are as hard as they come and we are fiercely independent with fiery personalities, which of course make us natural alphas in this world. From early on I have always known that I was a bit of a sadist and loved inflicting different methods of tortures on my ex partners. What makes it even more enjoyable is when they take everything willingly knowing that I am amused by their suffering.

The next step of my life was naturally to become a dominatrix so I can unleash my creative side, and explore what I would consider my favorite toy, men. That’s right men you are literally a toy for me to play with, so I can push your buttons and find out what makes you tick. This is my favorite game, and I enjoy it immensely. You will suffer for me and love every minute of it. I am also into role play as well, and can play a different number of scenarios where we can act your wildest fantasies and let my creativity flow in the process. The name Noir sums me up pretty well because I am into psycho torture, and I have always pictured myself being an interrogation officer in some of the old movies I have seen. I would love to play out some of these interrogation techniques in real life for those who are brave enough to be in a room with me one on one.

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